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Type Title Year
Reports Urban Ecosystem accounts following the SEEA EA standard: A pilot application in Europe 2023
Reports BiodiverCities: A roadmap to enhance the biodiversity and green infrastructure of European cities by 2030 2022
Reports EU-wide methodology to map and assess ecosystem condition 2022
Reports LInking accounts for ecosystem Services and Benefits to the Economy THrough bridging (LISBETH) Part II 2022
Reports Ecosystem Services Accounting – Part III - Pilot accounts for habitat and species maintenance, on-site soil retention and water purification
Reports How much do Europeans value biodiversity?
Reports Eurostat Report: Accounting for ecosystems and their services in the European Union (INCA) — 2021 edition
Reports EEA Report - Analytical report on European ecosystem extent accounts 2000-2018
Reports EEA Report – Natural capital accounting in support of policymaking in Europe: A review based on EEA ecosystem accounting work
Reports JRC Report - Ecosystem services accounting - Part II Pilot accounts for crop and wood provision, global climate regulation and flood control
Reports JRC Report - Ecosystem services accounting: Part I - Outdoor recreation and crop pollination
Reports JRC Report - Implementing an EU system of accounting for ecosystems and their services. Initial proposals for the implementation of ecosystem services accounts