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Type Title Year
Reports Urban Ecosystem accounts following the SEEA EA standard: A pilot application in Europe 2023
Articles in scientific journal Accounting for forest condition in Europe based on an international statistical standard 2023
Articles in scientific journal Assessing Net Environmental and Economic Impacts of Urban Forests: An Online Decision Support Tool 2022
Articles in scientific journal Modelling the net environmental and economic impacts of urban nature-based solutions by combining ecosystem services, system dynamics and life cycle thinking: An application to urban forests 2023
Articles in scientific journal Value transfer in ecosystem accounting applications 2023
Articles in scientific journal The Integrated system for Natural Capital Accounting (INCA) in Europe: twelve lessons learned from empirical ecosystem service accounting 2022
Reports BiodiverCities: A roadmap to enhance the biodiversity and green infrastructure of European cities by 2030 2022
Reports EU-wide methodology to map and assess ecosystem condition 2022
Reports LInking accounts for ecosystem Services and Benefits to the Economy THrough bridging (LISBETH) Part II 2022
Articles in scientific journal Urban heat island mitigation by green infrastructure in European Functional Urban Areas
Articles in scientific journal Ecosystem condition underpins the generation of ecosystem services: an accounting perspective
Articles in scientific journal Ecologically Intermediate and Economically Final: The Role of the Ecosystem Services Framework in Measuring Sustainability in Agri-Food Systems
Reports Ecosystem Services Accounting – Part III - Pilot accounts for habitat and species maintenance, on-site soil retention and water purification
Reports How much do Europeans value biodiversity?
Reports Eurostat Report: Accounting for ecosystems and their services in the European Union (INCA) — 2021 edition
Reports EEA Report - Analytical report on European ecosystem extent accounts 2000-2018
Articles in scientific journal Beyond the economic boundaries to account for ecosystem services
Articles in scientific journal Capacity as "virtual stock" in ecosystem services accounting
Articles in scientific journal Ecosystem services accounts: Valuing the actual flow of nature-based recreation from ecosystems to people
Reports EEA Report – Natural capital accounting in support of policymaking in Europe: A review based on EEA ecosystem accounting work
Other publications Eurostat - Statistics explained: Ecosystem accounts - measuring the contribution of nature to the economy and human wellbeing
Articles in scientific journal How ecosystem services are changing: an accounting application at the EU level
Reports JRC Report - Ecosystem services accounting - Part II Pilot accounts for crop and wood provision, global climate regulation and flood control
Reports JRC Report - Ecosystem services accounting: Part I - Outdoor recreation and crop pollination
Reports JRC Report - Implementing an EU system of accounting for ecosystems and their services. Initial proposals for the implementation of ecosystem services accounts